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The 2 Months Nutritional Course

Your Personal Health Coach:

  • Shows you how to register everything in just a few minutes per day
  • Holds you accountable to register - because we all need a little help to start with!
  • Helps you understand the statistics so that once your course is over you can do this by yourself
  • Sends you feedback, messages, tips and information on how to get the best out of the course
  • Answers any questions and helps solve any challenges you face.

Your Key Habits account contains:

  • Meal Planner & Nutritional Database
  • Workout Planner & Exercise Collection
  • Educational Material from leading experts in Health, Fitness & Nutrition
  • Communication area - Communicate with your Health Coach
  • Smartphone Apps - Log in anywhere, anytime

Our Presentation Pointers

Best Coaching Service -
We are often answering questions about what makes Key Habits Nutritional Awareness Course great. People are always amazed by how much coaching this is and how personal it is. This isn’t about getting a piece of software, it’s about coaching people to achieve success. The relationship you have with your coach is the key to all of this.

Unique - This is the only course of its kind. In nutrition, we are the only ones to teach and train the fundamentals so efficiently.

Realistic - Key Habits is the only realistic training program that truly helps people become nutritionally aware and provides daily feedback. Taking into account the cost and how little time participants spend training and working to improve, this is incredibly good value and in health simply the best return of investment out there.

Quick & Easy - After just 7-10 days, you’ll learn the "tricks" so that it takes you less than 5 minutes per day to register all of your meals. Key Habits is perfect for busy people who want to achieve their goals.

The Fundamentals - People are never taught how to use the Net Energy Number to understand their own energy burning and consumption e.g. learning to lose weight slowly. At Key Habits we teach people to use the same routines and techniques for weight loss that they would to maintain a healthy weight. In fact, this is the only way for the vast majority of people to achieve lasting results.

More than Calories - This is much more than just a calorie counter. You’ll get statistics on all other nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Focus - People find such a good focus once they get into this. Some people’s goal should not actually be to lose weight, it needs to be about learning how to maintain optimum weight. The key is not to think about weight loss for example, but improved performance (weight loss is a "by-product"). You’re not training to burn fat but to be happy (high correlation between stress and overweight).

Everybody needs Coaching - Something else that sets us apart is that we understand how to coach. We know that the best way for people to commit to something is to make the decision for themselves and take the initiative. We don’t have to motivate anyone because we’re great at finding the spark that ignites peoples’ motivation.

Accountability - You get a coach who keeps you accountable throughout the course. You will get a call every day if you do not register.

Daily Feedback - You’ll get feedback and advice on a daily basis. You can ask as many questions as you want, whenever you want.

Integrity - Our goal is to make our coaching unnecessary. The worst thing that you can do for someone is to do something for him that he ought and should do himself.

Faith - We have endless faith in people. Why? People know more about this than they can usually do. If people get good coaching, they are able to action that knowledge and apply it to achieving their goals every day. It’s about developing skills so that people can achieve their goals on a daily basis without having to see a physical change. 91% of our clients achieve all of their goals during the 2 months course.

Value-Based Training - Patience, discernment, proactive thinking.

Expert Specialists - Our experts are the best professionals. All of our experts would be trusted to work and train with million dollar athletes.

Cost Effective - After the 2 month course, you can get the best nutritional consultation that you will ever get - you can get in-depth and accurate feedback from an expert due to the super-reliable data built up. Your account will retain all of the statistics and video-messages from your coach and consultants.

Cutting-Edge Technology - Key Habits uses the best software available for the coaching of this kind. Many of the leading sports teams, coaches and athletes in the world use the same technology.

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