Body Composition Evaluations

Body fat analysis is a great tool for goal setting and understanding how important your body is and maintaining a healthy ratio of fat-free to fat mass. Competitive Edge Athletics Inc. uses two methods to determine this. Skin calipers are used to measure the folds of skin in several regions of the body and a calculation is put together to determine body fat. Bioelectrical Impedance is used by determining height and weight on a special scale that sends a tiny electrical signal through the body. Since muscle creates no electrical resistance, and fat does, the scale can measure the time that it takes the signal to flow through the body.

Performance Testing Programs

Performance Testing is offered for athletes to know how they stack up on paper. We offer a testing program that shows flexibility, speed, agility, power and strength. Competitive Edge Athletics Inc. knows that the bottom line when it comes to getting playing time, accolades or even college scholarship money, making plays is the most important, but this is a way to evaluate an athlete's current training regimen and it will show any strengths and weaknesses that an athlete may have.

Team and Athletic Department Testing

Competitive Edge Athletics, Inc. will come to your school or club and do our performance testing. This testing will give you a chance to evaluate and measure your athletes' performance in your current strength and conditioning program.


Competitive Edge Athletics, Inc. will come to your school or club and do a thorough evaluation of your current strength and conditioning program. We will create a periodized plan for all of your athletes. The programs will consist of strength training for the in-season, off-season and the pre-season as well as a year-round speed, agility, conditioning and flexibility program. This will also include evaluation segments throughout the year.